Bota Box Breeze Wine

Bota Box Breeze Wine is a line of light and refreshing wines offered by Bota Box.  Bota Box Breeze Wine is available in a variety of varietals, including Pinot Grigio, Dry Rosé, and Red Wine Blend. The Pinot Grigio is described as friendly, fruity, and full of flavor, with hints of fresh citrus and peach aromas. The Dry Rosé is noted for being a soft fruit-forward blend with a smooth finish. The Red Wine Blend is described as a juicy mix of red and black fruit.

Bota Box Breeze Wine is available nationwide and can be found at various retailers, including Total Wine & More, Target, and online platforms like Drizly. The suggested retail selling price for Bota Box Breeze Wine is around $22.99 for a box.

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