Citra India Pale Ale Beer

Citra India Pale Ale (IPA) is a popular beer style that showcases the Citra hop variety. Citra India Pale Ale is a type of IPA that prominently features Citra hops, known for their vibrant and tropical fruit flavors. The beer typically has a strong hop aroma, with notes of citrus, mango, passionfruit, and sometimes even pine. It is often described as having a hop-forward and bitter taste profile.

Several breweries produce Citra India Pale Ale. Some examples mentioned in the search results include Sibbarps Husbryggeri, Jeremiah Johnson, Back East Brewery, Epimoni, Polly’s Brew Co, The Veil Brewing, and more. Each brewery may have its own unique take on the style, so flavors and characteristics may vary.

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