Cooper’s Craft Whiskey

Cooper’s Craft Whiskey is a brand of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey produced by Brown-Forman Corporation 1. It is known for its unique barrel aging process, which involves raising their own barrels by hand, toasting and charring them to bring out the unique characteristics of their bourbons.

Coopers’ Craft offers a range of bourbons, including Cooper’s Craft Original Bourbon, Cooper’s Craft 100 Proof Bourbon 2, and Cooper’s Craft Barrel Reserve Bourbon 3. The Original Bourbon is bottled at 82.2 proof and is described as having a gentle flavor profile that is well-balanced through the finish 4. The 100 Proof Bourbon offers a higher proof and is considered a great sip for the price. The Barrel Reserve Bourbon is bottled at 100 proof and is aged in a unique chiseled and charred American White Oak barrel.

Cooper’s Craft Whiskey has received generally positive reviews 56, with reviewers praising its flavor profile and value for money. It is worth noting that taste preferences can vary, so it is always a good idea to try it for yourself to see if it suits your palate.

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