Grey Goose Watermelon & Basil

Grey Goose Watermelon & Basil Vodka is a delightful infusion that adds a burst of summer freshness to the iconic Grey Goose brand. Crafted with the finest French ingredients and the essence of sun-ripened watermelons and aromatic basil, this vodka offers a uniquely vibrant and herbaceous experience.

Indulge in the juicy and aromatic taste of Grey Goose Watermelon & Basil Vodka, whether enjoyed over ice or as the foundation for inventive cocktails. Its balanced fusion of sweet watermelon and aromatic basil makes it a preferred choice for those seeking a refreshing and sophisticated vodka experience. Each sip is an invitation to savor the harmonious blend of fruity sweetness and herbal notes that define this Grey Goose creation.

Grey Goose Watermelon & Basil Vodka invites you to elevate your moments with a burst of summer in every pour. From poolside gatherings to chic soirées, let this infused vodka add a touch of seasonal elegance to your occasions. Embrace the vibrant and herb-infused essence of Grey Goose, and cheers to the summer symphony of delightful perfection! 🍉🌿 #GreyGooseWatermelonBasil #SummerInfusion


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