Howler Head Tequila

Howler Head whiskey is a brand of flavored bourbon whiskey known for its unique banana flavor. It is made with real Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that has been aged for two years in American oak barrels toasted with an aggressive #4 alligator char. The whiskey is then blended with natural banana flavor to create a smooth and flavorful spirit with a kick of bananarama goodness.

Howler Head whiskey is recognized as the official flavored bourbon whiskey partner of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). It is enjoyed in various cocktails 13, such as the Beer & Howler Head Shot, which involves dropping a shot of Howler Head into a beer, or the King, which combines Howler Head with peanut butter whiskey in a shot glass. There are also recipes like the Howler Head Espresso Martini, which combines Howler Head with espresso

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