Pinot Grigio 14 Hands Wine

Pinot Grigio 14 Hands Wine is a delightful and approachable white wine that hails from the renowned 14 Hands winery in Washington State, USA. This particular expression of Pinot Grigio embodies the winery’s commitment to crafting wines that are both elegant and accessible. With its vibrant flavors and balanced acidity, Pinot Grigio 14 Hands Wine offers a refreshing and enjoyable drinking experience.

The grapes used to create Pinot Grigio 14 Hands Wine are sourced from vineyards that benefit from the unique terroir of Washington State. This terroir imparts distinct characteristics to the wine, resulting in a beautiful melange of flavors and aromas. On the nose, you’ll find enticing notes of citrus, green apple, and hints of tropical fruits. The palate is greeted with lively flavors of lemon, pear, and stone fruits, enhanced by a crisp acidity that adds a refreshing zing.

Pinot Grigio 14 Hands Wine is known for its versatility, making it a versatile companion for a variety of occasions. Its light-to-medium body and clean finish make it a perfect match for light seafood dishes, salads, and appetizers. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with food, this wine is sure to impress with its approachable character and vibrant flavors.

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