Rupture IPA Beer

Rupture IPA Beer is a beer brewed by Odell Brewing Company. It is an American IPA style beer that is known for its unique brewing process 1. According to the search results, Rupture IPA Beer is created by grinding the whole hop, which ruptures the lupulin inside and releases the oils that give the beer its flavor. This brewing technique is designed to extract maximum flavor from the hops.

Rupture IPA Beer has received positive ratings and reviews, with a score of 91 on BeerAdvocate and a rating of 3.8 out of 5 on Untappd. It is described as having a deep flavor and is a popular choice among IPA enthusiasts. If you’re interested in trying Rupture IPA Beer, you may be able to find it at select beer retailers or online platforms that offer a variety of craft beers.

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